Thursday, August 4
Show opens at Bareiss Gallery – Taos, NM. Join us at 9am for an opening ceremony and morning stretch to wake the body and send you forth with good vibrations.

Friday, August 5 – 5-7pm
Collector’s Preview – We invite collectors of Steve Storz’ work to visit with the artist and view the work before the Opening Reception on Saturday.

Saturday, August 6 – 3-7pm
Opening Reception, including the ambient soundscapes of Steve Storz. Steve will perform a live segment overlay with a specially designed Theramin, creating electronic music through movement. The Beach Boys (Good Vibrations), Pink Floyd (Whole Lotta Love) and Led Zeplin (Great Gig in the Sky from Dark Side of the Moon), to name a few, used a Theramin to create iconic musical accents to their music. A Theremin is an electronic sound device invented in 1920, but popularized during the rise of synthesizers in music. Artist Steve Storz will be playing a home built version of a Theremin at the Opening Reception.  Storz has worked in experimental sound and music since early high school days. The Theremin Steve will play on he made from a small batch of integrated circuits. The eerie tones created will be a mixture of volume, that he will control by waving his hand near a metal antenna, and pitch will be adjusted through a small joystick. As featured on some of his music CDs (some will be playing at low levels during his Opening Reception), an element of white noise of several sorts will interact with the tones that the Theremin produces.

Sunday, August 7 – 11am
Artist Talk followed by a Tour of Collectors’ Homes
Steve Storz talks about his process and art in a new age. Following the talk, we will visit two collectors’ homes, including that of collector Randall Lagro.

Friday, August 26 – 5-7pm
Collector’s Happy Hour

Saturday, August 27 – 3-7pm
Closing Reception – Special guests, Cinematiks (internationally award winning San Francisco documentary and creative production company) will shoot footage of artist Steve Storz during the closing reception of his exhibition Graphite and Gizmology. Spanning over 3 decades, Cinematiks is known abroad for their documentary films about the first solar powered home  “Elly Glass Project” and recently  “An American Ballet Story”, and art film productions like “95 Days”, an experimental film about the effects of climate change on the Bay Area estuary.

Sunday, August 28
Collector’s by appt. Please call 650-542-8694 to schedule one-on-one time.

Monday, August 29
Show Closing. Join us at 2p for a closing ceremony and midday stretch to wake up the body and send you forth with good vibrations.

The Magic of Taos – Historic Art Tour

Through Airbnb Experiences, Steve has created an art tour of the historic district of Taos. Learn some of the history of Taos as an arts mecca, explore downtown and view points of interest and works of art. The tour ends at Bareiss Gallery with a personal tour of Graphite & Gizmology. A perfect addition to any visit in Taos this August.