• July 2019
    Santa Fe, New Mexico, "Analog-A Showcase of Old Media Art" Axle Contemporary, group show
  • August 2013
    Santa Fe, New Mexico,"The Gesture Rendered", Axle Contemporary, group show
  • April 2013
    Ongoing. Steve Storz Art Blog: a blog about my studio process: stevestorz0.wordpress.com
  • October 2012
    Machine Wilderness (In Zero Gravity) Taos, New Mexico. The Harwood Museum in Taos in partnership with ISEA2012 Machine Wilderness (In Zero Gravity).
  • September 2012
    UNM Klauer Campus in Taos NM, in collaboration with ISEA 2012.Kanobis Amplifier Research Facility (KARF) Phase II. Installation+drawings.
  • September 2011
    Gallup, New Mexico, ART123 Gallery, Kanobis Amplifier Research Facility, solo show
  • April 2011
    Taos, New Mexico, Milagro Gallery, Cable Drawings
  • March 2011
    Taos, New Mexico. Harwood Museum of Art. New Mexorado group show
  • April 2009
    Taos, New Mexico, Parks Gallery, Drawings 2007-2009
  • December 2008
    Santa Fe, New Mexico, Gold Leaf Gallery, group show, steel and electronic sculpture
  • October 2008
    Santa Fe, New Mexico, "Tentacles", one man show, Goldleaf Gallery solo show, bronze sculpture, drawings, paintings
  • October 2007
    Santa Fe, New Mexico, "Retreat", Goldleaf Gallery group show
  • September 2007
    Taos, New Mexico, Parks II Gallery, group show,
  • May 2006
    Taos, New Mexico, Wisdom Cup Gallery, Cinco de Mayo Group show. mixed media sculpture- Grunge Machines
  • October 2005
    Santa Fe, New Mexico, Wired Glass Gallery, "Scary Art Horrors" Two Person show with Jared Kohn. Mixed media sculpture, packaged Halloween themed items
  • May 2004
    Taos, New Mexico T.C.Lillick Studio, "Some of the Parts, The Sum of the Parts" Two person show with T.C.Lillick. Mixed media electronic sculpture and drawings
  • October 2002
    Taos, New Mexico Pure Gallery. "Embrace" World Premiere. Independent short film using multi-media (film, video, stop motion, CGI)
  • April 2002
    Taos, New Mexico Taos Talking Picture Festival " Embrace" Independent short film using multi-media (film, video, stop motion, CGI)
  • May 2001
    Taos, New Mexico Pure Gallery. "Pure Voyeur" Group show Electronic sculpture/ installation w/original sound
  • August 2000
    Taos, New Mexico Studio. "Esoteric Erotic" Group show. Electronic sculpture.
  • May 2000
    Taos, New Mexico Studio. " Acts of Senseless Art" One man show. Steel and electronic sculpture.
  • March 1998
    Taos, New Mexico "Taos: The Next Generation" curated by David Witt Group show. Steel and Electronic Sculpture
  • November 1997
    Oakland, California Head Royce School. "Recent Works" One man show.Steel and electronic sculpture, sculpture demonstration classes for students.
  • October 1997
    Arroyo Seco, New Mexico Art Lab, "The Haunted Carnival" Curator/ participant group show. Sculpture installation, performance art.
  • April 1997
    Brooklyn, New York Brooklyn Water Front Coalition. "Pier Show" Group show. Steel and electronic sculpture.
  • August 1996
    New Orleans, Louisiana Siggraph 96 "Digital Bayou" One man show. Steel and electronic sculpture.
  • May 1996
    Eugene, Oregon Maude Kerns Art Center. "Essence" Group show. Steel and electronic sculpture.
  • February 1996
    San Jose, California San Jose Institute of Contemporary art. "14th Annual Invitation Valentine Exh." Group show. Steel and electronic sculpture
  • June 1995
    San Jose, California ESQ Business Center. "Hades Ventilators" One man show. Steel and electronic sculpture
  • A list of other shows dating back to 1981 is available upon request.
Steve Storz

Steve Storz
Artist, Gallery Consultant
709 E. Hill Ave. Gallup New Mexico 87301

Steve Storz, born in 1960, originally from the industrial town of Texas City has been combining a wide assortment of materials and techniques into his artwork for over 35 years. An initial spark of creativity came when he was a child, imitating his mom as she made costumes and props for sorority parties. Though really only having access to cast-off scraps and junk from alley-ways for art supplies, led to invention in trying to realize his imaginary world. Storz attributes some of his creative influences from an adolescence of Saturday movie matinees of sci-fi and horror, and reading similar subjects in comic books. In his teens, a fascination for textures and intricate lines, melded with the moodiness of the Pacific Northwest where he grew up, formed a foundation in his career as an artist. His wild imagination, together with an inventiveness with materials culminated in explorations into a wide range of disciplines that continues as drawing, painting, kinetic and static sculpture, sound art, installation art, and even performance art, that is bolstered by his studies in theatre at college. "Solving for x" as Storz puts it, seems to tie much of his artistic work together. It accounts for his interest in melding scientific processes such as electronic and mechanical design in with creative forms that result in his, some describe, mad scientist-like output. Organic forms and surfaces in nature contribute a great deal as well. He also acknowledges studio environment as a factor having established (deliberately) work spaces in a variety of places; a 1930's cannery in Silicon Valley, a basement in an industrial town in New York, a loft in a wood planing mill in Oregon, an abandoned grocery store walk-in cooler in Taos, and currently an adobe garage in Gallup, New Mexico. Line quality, exotic forms and textures combined with an array of emotional moods remain the main thread of pursuit in Storz's art and continue to show up in many differing ways, resolving into a fantastic realm. One where he invites constantly renewed contemplation. Much of Steve's artwork continues to be collected in homes and businesses. See stevestorz0.wordpress.com for a glimpse into Steve's art studio process. Collections: San Jose Museum of Art, Robert Dean Stockwell, Karen Douglas, Annmarie Sauer, Timothy Nero, Martin Cary Horowitz, Erika Meyer, 3Com Corp., Edwin Mosher, Duane Bousfield, Robert Atteyeh,

Analog-A Showcase of Old Media Art

Friday, July 28, 2019, 5-7 p.m. (reception)

June 28 through July 20th.. Axle Contemporary, a step van turned into a mobile art gallery will be parked at the Rail Yard in Santa Fe, New Mexico for the reception. Axle has also been invited to participate in the Baca Street Bash, which will be July 20. More details at: https://www.axleart.com

Figure (Telling)

November 6 - December 1, 2015

Looking Glass Gallery at St Johns Booksellers 8622 N Lombard St Portland OR 97203 971-888-0793 Works on paper in mixed mediums by Steve Storz